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Learn all about Naijabet
[b]Naijabet: 100% paying, 90% high odds, 35% bonus on 10 selections, 12hrs withdrawal, customer care response 5 star, minimum stake N50, maximum winning N25, 000, 000.

[b]Naijabet is a fast paying betting company in Nigeria for online customers who wants to play with their laptop or mobile phones. It only take few hours to withdraw your money from your betting account to your bank account. 100% bonus on first deposit plus bonus on accumulated bets. You can also place bets on a match or games that has already started or still in-play.  This company is highly recommended for customers who wants to stake/ or place bets with their mobile phones or laptop. Click here to register with Naijabet.

1. Do I need to pay to register on
No, Registration is absolutely FREE.
2. How do I register as an online user?
Login to the NaijaBet website (
Click on join now.
Fill in the form and submit.
Then you can login with your username and password.
3. What is the minimum and maximum deposit on
The minimum deposit is N 100.
The maximum deposit is dependent on the customer's transaction limit per day.
4. What is the minimum and maximum Payout on
The minimum payout is N 500.
The maximum payout is N 5,000,000. (1,000,000 per day).
5. What is the minimum and maximum stake on a betting slip?
The minimum stake is N100.
There is no specific maximum stake per bet.
6. What are the deposit charges?
There are no fees when depositing with
7. What are the charges for withdrawal?
There are no fees for withdrawal. It is absolutely FREE.
8. How do I fund my NaijaBet account?
·         You can use any bank ATM card to pay online using the Gtpay or Fidelity paygate portal on our website.
·         You can do a bank transfer to any of our bank accounts using your NaijaBet username as the depositor’s name, remark or comment.
·         Gtbank users can use the GT Collection or Dial *737*50*amount*46# to fund their betting account automatically.
9. Can I use my international Cards?
No, you can only use Nigerian debit cards on
10. Can I deposit money in my account via credit or debit card?

Yes. Using the Fidelity Paygate button on the deposit page.

11. How long does a deposit take before it reflects in my account? 

Online deposits using ATM Cards are instant and immediate.

The GT Collection is fast and instant.
The GTB USSD is fast and instant.
For the bank transfers, a customer gets credited as soon as the money reflects in NaijaBet account.
11. What is the maximum number of events that I can select on a betting slip?
You can select a maximum of 50 events on a slip for combined bets while you can select a maximum of 7 events for System Bets.

12. Can I place bets during events?

Yes. Where the event is listed as a Live Event.

13. Why do you need my Bank Account info? Why Should I fill them?

This information will help you to perform Cash-Out operations and help our team to transfer your money straight into your bank account.
The Account & Bank info are optional fields.

14. How can I withdraw my winnings? 

Returns due on bets placed on your NaijaBet site account will be added to your current deposit balance immediately the bet has been settled. This balance will remain in your NaijaBet account unless you submit an on-line request for the outstanding balance to be sent back to your bank or credit card account. Details of the withdrawal option should be filled in using "Bank Transfer" option on the withdrawal page.

15. How long does it take for withdrawals to be processed?
It takes between 0 - REAL 48 hours to process withdrawals. Kindly note that withdrawals are not processed on all weekends and public holidays.

16. Must I log in before I use the NaijaBet website?

Yes, using Username & password chosen when you registered. If you don’t have username and Password, you must register on our website.

17. How old must I be to use this site? 

To bet on this website you must be at least 18 years old.

18. Can I open more than one account?

No, NaijaBet allows you to open only one account per person. The use of identical e-mail addresses in various NaijaBet accounts is prohibited. Should clients open additional accounts either in their own name or in the name of another person, NaijaBet has authority to close those accounts, to cancel any transactions carried out or bets placed and call in any free money credited.

19. Can I cancel my bet? 

No. Once it has been confirmed, you cannot cancel a bet. Please check your bet details carefully before submitting your bet to us.

20. What will I do if I forget my username & Password? 

Go to website & click on Lost Pass? Then enter your Email Address to receive your login details.

21. What is the difference between the local time and NaijaBet website time?

The NaijaBet website time is GMT; this means that the website time is 1hr behind local Nigerian time. You can change your Time zone settings by clicking on My Account => Profile Information => Time-zone settings => Edit. Select your new time-zone => West Central Africa and click “save”.

22. What is the security for my personal information that I submit to the website? 

All the information you enter while filling any form on this site shall be kept strictly confidential.

NaijaBet will take all technologically and financially reasonable actions to protect the user information saved by NaijaBet.
23. Will my winnings be publicised?

No. If however we need to publicise any winnings we shall always seek your consent.

24. Can I place bets with this website if I don’t operate a bank account?

Yes. You must however have identification that will tally with the information you provide us to allow you cash your winning at the designated bank.

25. Can my friends Stake through me? 

Yes. But you remain the only person recognised by us.
NaijaBet will not be liable for any abuse of the betting account through the use of the client’s username and password by third parties. We expressly state that the username and the password must be kept secret and confidential as all transactions via the account for which the username and password must be entered will be for the account of the client.

The username and password should never be disclosed to third parties. It is the client’s sole responsibility to keep his/her username and password secure. The client cannot make any claims whatsoever from a third party unlawfully placing bets by using his/her password and username.

26. If I have any problem using the site what do I do?

You can contact Customer Care on 0706 343 7475 or 0818 580 0374
or e-mail:CustomerCare@NaijaBet.comor BB Pin 7F3AC534

27. Why should I choose
•        Best customer service
•        No withdrawal limit
•        No bonus recycling
•        Fastest withdrawal process
•        Zero charge on deposits and withdrawals
•        Consistent deposit bonus roll outs
•        Fantastic odds

How to deposit

NaijaBet accepts payments via Interswitch Debit Cards, ATM Cards using the Fidelity Paygate button and wire transfer (International Deposits) or direct deposit into our account.

You can deposit into your NaijaBet account using any of the following options:

Option A. : Online deposit Using Naira MasterCard or VISA ATM card
Please follow the steps below to use your MasterCard or VISA:

1. Login into your NaijaBet account
2. Click on “Deposit Fund” and select “Fidelity Paygate” or GTPay
3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and click proceed (you will be taken to a secure Fidelity Paygate portal)
4. Select Interswitch, MasterCard or VISA as payment gateway/option and click “MAKE PAYMENT”
5. If you chose MasterCard in step 4 above, Select MasterCard from the options available
6. Enter your card details and confirm the payment
7. If successful, check your NaijaBet account to confirm
8. That's all

You can use online deposit any time of the week including Saturday and Sunday

Option B.: Bank Deposit

1. See our bank details below to get our account numbers
2. Pay into any of those banks with your username
3. Come back to the website and login into your account
4. Click on "Deposit Fund" on the left hand side of the website and choose "Bank Transfer"
5. Enter your deposit details and submit
6. Admin will see it and confirm your deposit once he sees it in our bank account.

Bank Account Details
First Bank- First Bank of Nigeria Plc. 
Account Name – Kreativ Integrated Concepts & Mgt Ltd
Account Number – 2027 229 392.
UBA- United Bank for Africa Plc. 
Account Name – Kreativ Int. Concepts & mgt Ltd
Account Number – 1018 953 728.
Fidelity - Fidelity Bank Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name – Kreativ Integrated Concepts & Mgt Ltd
Account Number – 4010 600 798.
FCMB - FCMB Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name – Kreativ Int. Concepts & mgt Ltd
Account Number – 1904 804 016.

GTBank - Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name – Kreativ Int. Concepts & mgt Ltd
Account Number – 0003 521 682.

Zenith - Zenith Bank Plc. (Naira Account)
Account Name – Kreativ Int. Concepts & mgt Ltd
Account Number – 101 212 2694.

Please Notify admin of your deposit on “Bank Transfer” so your account can be credited.
Please note: The name of Depositor should be the same as the Name of your account.

Deposit With GTCollections

All users who have accounts with GTBank can currently benefit from this using either the GTBank mobile App or the GTBank internet banking.
Kindly note that the funds enter automatically into your NAIJABET account at anytime of the day. You no longer need to make deposit request or call for your deposits to be approved.
For our other user using other banks, you are not left out. We are currently working on a new payment method to enable you deposit funds seamlessly and without stress.
Follow the steps highlighted below to make payment using GTCollections:
Step 1:   Kindly log into your GTBank Mobile App
Step 2:  Enter your internet banking ID and password
Step 3:  Login to your account
Step 4: Click on the drop down menu on the page and select GTCollections
Step 5: Scroll down and click on customized deposits and scroll down to NaijaBet Limited
Step 6: Select the NaijaBet deposit
Step 7: Input your reference ID (Username as it appears in your NaijaBet Account), enter the amount and click on continue
Step 8:  Select your account
Step 9: Enter your transaction pin (4 digit pin) or your OTP code (One time password or Token ID number)
Step 10: Click on confirm payment
Payment successful displays. This shows that the transaction has been successfully completed. The money reflects in your NaijaBet account instantly.

Types of Bets

Asian handicap
Asian handicap means that a team have given the other team a percentage of goal even before the beginning of the match, for instance, Manchester United vs Chelsea, if you choose Man United -2, it means that Man United has been trailing 2goals before the beginning of the match, so for you to win the bet, Man United must win the game by a three goals margin.

What is Draw no bet in football betting?
This is like a full time result bet other than there is no option for the draw. You can bet on either team to win and if it’s a draw you get your stake back.

What does (Under\Over) Goals mean when betting?
Typically this is a two option bet on whether there will be more or less
than the number of goals quoted. Normally the bet is more or less than 2.5 goals, but you will often see many variations such as 0.5,1.5,3.5 and 4.5.
Again this is at the end of normal time. This is quite a popular bet as there are only two outcomes and often it can be possible to predict high and low scoring games yet you don't really have a clue what the score might be.

What is Correct Score in football Matches?
This is predicting the score at the end of normal time. Scores are quotes as "Home Team Score - Away Team Score" so be sure to check you get things the right way round. There are many possible score-lines for a match so
the odds can be quite high but also the chances of winning quite low.
However in some cases there can be value for certain results if you know a team’s scoring habits.

What is Half time/Full time betting in football?
When you bet on half time full time you are generally stating what the outcome will be at half time and how the game will end at full time. You will get better odd for doing this as it is harder to predict than just predicting the full time outcome of a football match.Two teams are playing and the market will generally look like this:
Team A | Team A
Team A | Draw
Team A | Team B
Draw | Team A
Draw | Draw
Draw | Team B
Team B | Team A
Team B | Draw
Team B | Team B

As you can see there are 9 different possibilities in which the football match can go, only one of these can win.
Now just to give a quick example of what 2 of these mean, so you get an overall idea of the concept, if you were to select and bet:

Team A | Team B
You are basically betting that by the time half time comes the home side (Team A) will be winning, however in the 2nd half up until full time the away side (Team B), will come back into the match and end up winning.

Draw | Team A
You are basically betting that when it is half time the game will be any draw, but in the second half the home side (Team A), will win the match.

What is NG/G
NG(no goal) means that only one team will score in the match or there won't be any goal in the match, for instance, if you bet on market, NG and the game end in 1-1, you will lose the game because both sides have score, but if the game end in 1-0, the you win because its just one team that score. if you choose G(goal), it means that both teams will score.

Who wins the rest of the match: This bet refers to who will win the rest of the match from the time of placing your bet. Once your bet is placed the scores technically become 0-0 even if one team is winning at the time. So from the point you place your bet, till the end of the game, the team that score more goals will win the bet.
System bets are a highly developed version of accumulator bets. The point of system bets is to place several tips when placing one bet. Using the 2 out of 3 (2/3) system bet is the easiest way to explain.
You choose games and bet on wins for Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea with the two-out-of-three system bet. So you play out all the possible pairs of accumulators the three teams can produce.
Bet 1: Win Liverpool, Win Arsenal
Bet 2: Win Liverpool, Win Chelsea
Bet 3: Win Arsenal, Win Chelsea

 The big day produces the following results: Arsenal and Chelsea win, Liverpool draw. The result of your bets:
Bet 1: lost (Liverpool incorrect)
Bet 2: lost (Liverpool incorrect)
Bet 3: won!
It means that you will only be paid for the accumulator that have Arsenal and Chelsea, and you will lose the accumulator that have Liverpool.
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